Membership – FullĀ  membership in this association shall be open to any person interested in the utilization of canine teams for the detection of spills and leaks. You do not have to handle a canine to join the Association.

Potential members must submit their application and annual subs for initial membership.

The annual dues are $50USD.

Membership is then annual upon renewal subs being paid.

Anyone joining after October 30th in a given year will receive the next years membership without additional cost (i.e. if you join in November 2018 you will receive 2019 membership included).

Member Benefits Include:

  • International certification of detection canines as defined by the Association (Hydrocarbon, odorant, water, electric, etc).
  • Receive a welcome pack to include Association patch and stickers, Rite-in-the-Rain field book.
  • 24 hour access to the website forums and resources
  • Support in research and development of current and/or new concepts within the Associations stated remit.
  • Notice of potential opportunities within the spill & leak community.