The specific purpose for which the Association was formed is as follows:

The International Canine Spill & Leak Detection Association is a registered nonprofit  formed in response to an identified need to standardize the capability of canine detection teams across the spill & leak community. The aim of the association is to bring like-minded people together and will:

  • Be the primary point of contact and clearinghouse for scientific research & development and work with its members in supporting any requests or opportunities for research. To include supporting Government agencies (domestic and international) commercial companies and private individuals.
  • Serve as a professional association in which practitioners can share, discuss, and evaluate methods, techniques, protocols, quality assurance, education, and research relating to detector canine teams and standards.
  • Adopt, and implement, a process of certification for its canine team members, to include, but not be limited to, hydrocarbons, odorants, water, electricity and any other substance or situation deemed a spill and/or leak.
  • Recommend and disseminate best practices for quality assurance and quality control, conduct education, research & development in canine spill & leak detection fields. It will bring together organizations and/or individuals active or wishing to pursue relevant activities.