Mission Statement


To educate practitioners and users in the capabilities of detection canines for spills and leaks through scientific research and certifications.


The International Canine Spill & Leak Detection Association (ICSaLDA) was formed in 2018 after it was recognized that self-regulation would be the only way to ensure canine teams working in the spill and leaks arena were going to be able to maintain their credibility. After a meeting between Paul Bunker and Dr. Ed Owens it was agreed an Association which used scientific research and robust training and certification standards was the only way to ensure teams being deployed to support environmental operations were capable of completing their tasks effectively and efficiently.  This ensured standards were developed based on research and field experience and that end users could be confident they are being supported by canine teams proven to be efficient in their role.

To achieve this mission the Association will provide resources and education to its members through the:

  • Distribution of research reports/papers/journals
  • Educational presentations/seminars and training
  • Online forums
  • Participation in research and trials
  • Offering certifications of canine teams
  • Maintaining a database of teams for end user utilization